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To offer nanoparticle monitoring technologies
for processing liquids used in semiconductor industry.

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2017 NOV 24

Chroma ATE Invested Innovative Nanotech Inc. with Technology Transfer from ITRI to Advancing in Semiconductor Front-end Process Inspection

AOYUAN, Taiwan, Nov. 24, 2017 -- Innovative Nanotech Inc., invested by Chroma ATE Inc., signed a contract with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on Nov. 24 for “Nanoparticles Monitoring Technology” transfer. In addition, ITRI will serve as an important shareholder of Innovative Nanotech. Just a short time ago Innovative Nanotech had been contracted with Hsinchu Science Park for the purpose of developing and creating liquid nanoparticle monitoring systems used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to help improve the yield rate. (Read More)


In-Line Nanoparticle Sizing System

A new generation nanoparticle monitoring system accurately detects the size and quantity of particles above 5nm, allowing manufacturers to take necessary measures to improve the process according to the monitored results.


Distinguishing Particle Size

Ranging from 5nm to 1,000nm

Advanced Tech

Advanced Aerosol Particle Measurement Technologies


up to 1014 /cm3

Other Industry Use

Other Application industry: Electronics, Optoelectronics, and Biomedical Materials

By accurately and reliably distinguishing particle size ranging from 5 nm to 1,000 nm with a concentration up to 1014 /cm3 , our product SuperSizer is the in-line ultra-fine particle sizing system based on the advanced aerosol particle measurement technologies. Clearly, this technology has significantly improved over current sizing technologies. SuperSizer is the enabling technology for the processing engineers to see, and thus to control the nanoparticles in their environments. We can expect , in the near future, the processing yields of semiconductor fabrications will be improved to a new level.

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