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To offer nanoparticle monitoring technologies
for processing liquids used in semiconductor industry.

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2018 SEP 03

Chroma Offers Semiconductor Test Solutions beyond Your Expectation

Sep. 03, 2018 -- To be in the tech trend of IoT, Chroma ATE provides a wide portfolio of semiconductor IC test solutions ranging from ATE, PXI systems, IC handlers, and system level test solutions. Innovative Nanotech, a member of Chroma Group, has introduced nanoparticles monitoring systems for semiconductor front-end processes. In SEMICON Taiwan 2018, Chroma will exhibit the SuperSizer in-line nanoparticle monitoring system for you to experience it on site. (Read More)

2017 NOV 24

Chroma ATE Invested Innovative Nanotech Inc. with Technology Transfer from ITRI to Advancing in Semiconductor Front-end Process Inspection

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, Nov. 24, 2017 -- Innovative Nanotech Inc., invested by Chroma ATE Inc., signed a contract with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on Nov. 24 for “Nanoparticles Monitoring Technology” transfer. In addition, ITRI will serve as an important shareholder of Innovative Nanotech. Just a short time ago Innovative Nanotech had been contracted with Hsinchu Science Park for the purpose of developing and creating liquid nanoparticle monitoring systems used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to help improve the yield rate. (Read More)

SuperSizer Series®

In-line Nanoparticle Monitoring System

Offering an Effective and Reliable Solution for sub-20 nm Liquid-borne Particle Monitoring


Breaking the 20-nm In-line measurement limitation

Nanoparticle sizing accuracy and resolution

Detailed size distribution data

Free from bubble interference

24/7 automatic monitor with precise sampling

Chipmakers have been moving full speed ahead toward higher packing density products. Gate lengths of ICs continue to shrink rapidly. The capabilities of the current particle monitoring technologies lag far behind the industry need. Currently, the semiconductor industry mainly relies on the well developed light scattering technology to monitor nanoparticles in production lines. Innovative nanotech is a high-tech start-up, spun-off of ITRI and invested by Chroma ATE, dedicated to develop technology to "see" clearly, accurately and efficiently the size and distribution of the nanoparticles in the sub-20 nm range. Our product SuperSizer is designed to work 24/7 in the strict semiconductor production environment. To achieve this the well established aerosol particle measurement technologies are used.

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